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Garden walks & maps

Map of Waddesdon

Map of the grounds

If visiting us, please download our map in advance. It shows the suggested route when walking between the car park and the Manor, location of ticket checkpoints, shuttle bus stops, highlights and facilities.

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Suggested walks while on site

We have four different walks taking in different aspects of the gardens or wider estate. There’s never been a better opportunity to explore Waddesdon, soak up the beautiful scenery and get healthy.

Please note, we do not signpost walking routes on site. We suggest you use our online navigation for these walks, or download our walks map in advance for the three garden walks.

Download Waddesdon walks map

Waddesdon is a private estate and a working farm and access to the land is only possible via the public rights of way. We welcome all walking visitors to enjoy the beautiful countryside in a safe and responsible way by sticking to the marked footpaths and keeping dogs on a short lead.

Download the Waddesdon Rights of Way map PDF

When you are walking around the Waddesdon Estate, we ask that you please follow the Countryside Code. The public rights of way across the Estate include going through fields where livestock may be present so please keep this in mind when visiting.

Wellie walk
30 minutes
Difficulty: 2 wellies
Buggy friendly, dog friendly
Starting point: The Stables
Look out for: Diamond Jubilee Wood, North Fountain

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Winter garden walk
25 minutes
Difficulty: 2 wellies
Buggy friendly, dog friendly
Starting point: The Stables
Look out for: The Aviary, Cherry Trees, Hellebores, Tay bridge

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Baron’s walk
30 minutes
Difficulty: 3 wellies
Dog friendly
Starting point: The Stables
Look out for: Terra degli Etruschi by Stephen Cox, Pulham Rock grottoes

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Wider Estate


Windmill Hill walk

1 hour
Difficulty: 5 wellies
Mainly on public footpaths and has some uphill sections
Dog friendly
Starting point: Car Park
Look out for: Millennium Avenue, Windmill Hill, Flint House

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Bringing your dog

Dogs are allowed anywhere in the grounds with the exception of the Aviary and Woodland Playground. If you plan to bring your dog with you on a visit then please see our Doggy Do’s and Don’ts and download our dog map in advance.

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Rockwork online trail

Whether visiting in person or remotely you can now take an online walk around Waddesdon with this interactive trail. Explore our Pulham rockwork with this digital feature which allows you to select a map or list as a starting point to explore the grounds and gardens.

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50 things to do before you're 11¾

Children playing in autumn leaves at Waddesdon

Have fun in the gardens by downloading your 50 things map, with lots of fun activities to take part in. The map also shows you where to find things like the best place to build a den and track wildlife.

Download 50 things PDF (2mb)>

Sensory map

Sensory map

Follow this trail as you wander through the grounds and experience Waddesdon through your senses. Each stop on the trail engages a different sense enhancing your surroundings through touch, sight, sound and smell. Touch the rough surface of the tree ferns and stop to listen to the birds sing in the Aviary.

Download the sensory map PDF (3mb)>

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