Misty parterre

A year in the garden

Our garden looks so different over the seasons, take a look at what to expect month by month when you visit.

Those who visit us frequently might be surprised at the appearance of some areas of the Garden. Waddesdon is investing in a more sustainable horticultural and garden management plan, reducing waste, replanting bulbs, using green manures and dedicating vast areas of the grounds to wildflower meadows.

We are in a period of transition and while the gardens may not be as polished as in previous years, they are healthier, more environmentally friendly and are gearing up for some incredible late summer colour.

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See the stark beauty of winter in the garden and enjoy long winter walks and warming up with hot chocolate from the coffee bar.



The trees may be bare and the days are shorter, but bring the dog for long walks through the grounds.

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The garden starts to wake from its winter sleep. Scillas will be flowering and colour will be creeping into the spring bedding displays. Early daffodils begin to show. On the way to Tay Bridge see colourful stemmed and winter flowering shrubs.



Spring bedding is in full flower. The Parterre and Aviary Garden is a mixture of tulips and myosotis. Elsewhere is a profusion of wallflowers, narcissus and bellis medicis. Daffodil Valley, Tay Bridge and Tulip Patch will be full of daffodils.



Cascade Bank looks good with spring flowering shrubs. Late May is our bedding changeover when the ornamental beds will be planted with summer bedding. Other parts of the garden will show colour from Bluebells and Lily of the Valley. The trees will begin to burst into leaf and Horse chestnuts with their candles.



The Parterre is in bloom with its colourful summer bedding. Each year we have a new carpet bed design based on the collection or upcoming exhibitions. Flowers and scent will fill the Rose garden.


July & August

The ornamental beds will be looking their best during the summer months of July and August, and the water plants and marginals in Frog Fountain will also be looking good.



The bedding in Tropical Mound and the Bachelors’ Wing will still be looking good. Autumn crocus, Colchium speciosum ‘Album’ will be in full flower on the Parterre. In late September conkers begin to fall from our Horse Chestnut trees.



Winter bedding changeover begins, we pull out the summer plants and put in spring bulbs and flowering plants. The trees will change to deep, magnificent golden hues.


November & December

The garden hibernates for winter. Variegated hollies and evergreen shrubs give the garden depth while winter flowering shrubs give Tay Bridge and the Winter Garden colour. Christmas trees and light sculpture end our year in the garden.