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Winter Garden walk

Stroll through Waddesdon’s gardens and soak up some spectacular views. You will pass highlights of the gardens including the Parterre, Aviary, Wildflower Valley, Winter Garden and the Manor.

Please note that during the winter months from the end of October to the end of March (depending on the weather) we wrap all our statues against the frost. So don’t be surprised to see ghostly looking shapes in the grounds during your visit.

Stables courtyard with Copenhagen horse statue

1. Stables

Power House

2. Powerhouse

3. Apollo

South front gardens looking at the Manor in autumn.

4. View of South Front

5. Daffodil Valley

Flint House - a view from a cornfield

6. View of Flint House

Tay Bridge

7. Tay Bridge

8. North Fountain

Front view of Waddesdon Manor

9. North Front