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Take a look at our range of lessons and activities for primary school students.

Key stage one

Garden explorers

Using ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ as our starting point, this workshop includes a fun look at life cycles, making our own beanie baby, hunting for bugs, and building stick towers in our woodland nature trail.

Curriculum links: Science, Geography, Maths, Literacy, Art & DT

Fun with fairy tales

Our popular literacy-based workshop explores the famous Sleeping Beauty paintings by Leon Bakst. Children will discover the story of Sleeping Beauty through a role play workshop in our turret room using the paintings as stimuli, as well as exploring the grounds and the Aviary. In the afternoon there is a creative writing session, based on the morning’s activities. Dressing up is strongly encouraged!

Curriculum links: Art, Literacy, History

The best school trip for Reception children I have been on.

Teacher, High Ash Primary, 2015.

Key stage two

School craft activities

Myths and legends

Based on the myth of Heracles and his 12 labours, pupils will explore the stories of Ancient Greek mythology by looking at our priceless collection of art. Your pupils will also be able to investigate neoclassical sculpture in the gardens. In the afternoon, discover the world of Greek art by painting your very own Greek vase to take home.

Curriculum links: Literacy, Art, DT, History

Children on the behind the scenes tour

Who lives in a house like this?

Pupils will have a tour of the house, focusing on the hierarchy of Victorian Waddesdon – who did what and how did they do it? This workshop gives your pupils a chance to learn more about their local area and the history of the Rothschilds at Waddesdon.

Curriculum links: Art, Literacy, History, Science, Drama

Riches of the earth

Following our trail around the house, pupils will look at the magnificent jewels in the Rothschild collection as well as discussing the importance of rocks and minerals in everyday life.  In the afternoon, there will be the chance to compare different rocks and look at their properties, as well as creating their own jewelled piece.

Curriculum links: Science, DT, Art, Geography

Tremendous trees

Based entirely outside in our gardens, pupils will look at the life cycle of trees from seed to maturity, as well as completing fun maths-based activities.  There’s also a chance to explore the trees at Longwood Gardens, our partner in Pennsylvania, using a special video link.

Curriculum links: Science, Maths, Literacy, Geography

The Silver Caesars

This is a rare and unique opportunity to study an extraordinary set of 12 silver-gilt standing cups from the 16th century.

Collectively they bring to life the history of the first twelve Caesars, as recounted by the Roman historian Suetonius and this is an ideal chance for your pupils to study the legacy of Roman culture on Renaissance art, as well as exploring the lives of the Caesars.

Pupils will also see other objects from Waddesdon’s exemplary collection that complement this Renaissance masterpiece.

This session is only available from June to October 2018, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Curriculum links: History, Art, Geography, Literature

School visit grounds tour

If you’re interested in visits to Waddesdon with your school. Please contact Sarah Dewberry, tel 01296 653262 or email:

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