Dog map
Posted 21 June 2019


Illustrated Waddesdon

Try exploring the gardens in a different way using our new illustrated map. The double-sided map offers both a mindfulness design and one for guests bringing four-legged friends.

To create these maps, we worked closely with two talented illustrators who have presented Waddesdon in fun, inventive ways with different emphases. Bek Cruddace has given spotlight to peaceful spots and inspirational art in her mindfulness map, while Debbie Ryder has highlighted the key areas to enjoy with your dog, even giving a nod to Baron Ferdinand’s beloved poodle, Poupon!

This map invites you to encounter the grounds in a way you may not have previously, while also being a beautiful memento of your visit with us. You can purchase the illustrated map for £2 on arrival at the Welcome Pavilion.

Photograph of illustrator Bek Cruddace

About Bek Cruddace

‘I am an illustrator based in North Hampshire who specialises in creating hand drawn maps for the editorial, publishing, advertising and tourist sectors.

I am fascinated by maps – to me they are the ultimate combination of beauty and functionality. I’m influenced by all sorts of things from old map books to the textures and patterns in nature and the beautiful colours in the environment – its colours more than anything that catch my eye. Not surprisingly I’m heavily influenced by my cartographic background and the principals of mapmaking and design.

Extract from Mindfulness map by Bek Cruddace
Extract from Mindfulness map by Bek Cruddace

Working on Waddesdon’s mindfulness map was a wonderful experience. I’m a long-time member of the National Trust, but Waddesdon Manor was one property that I had never previously visited. Starting the commission, I was shown around Waddesdon Manor and its gardens. This was invaluable and gave me the opportunity get a real feel for the place, its visual identity and the atmosphere in different parts of the gardens that I was able to later translate into the design of the mindfulness map.

The actual house is an amazing building, it really takes your breath away when you see it for the first time, not only for its size, but the details and colour of the stonework. It’s set in beautiful, often tranquil surroundings with lots of lovely views across the surrounding countryside.

I loved visiting Waddesdon Manor so much that since completing the Mindfulness map commission I’ve visited again with my family.’

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Self-portrait by illustrator Debbie Ryder

About Debbie Ryder

‘I studied illustration at the University of Westminster (Harrow College of Art), gaining a first class degree in illustration. Since then I have worked in publishing, advertising and with design groups for a variety of clients that include the BBC, Observer, Sunday Telegraph, Homes and Gardens, Virago, the Countryside Agency, The Almanac Gallery and the National Trust.

I have also worked as an exhibiting artist, participating in mixed and one woman shows throughout the South East of England.

Working in watercolour and gouache and combining them digitally, my quirky, graphic style depicts figures and landscapes inspired by sporting, leisure and architectural environments. In recent years, I have concentrated on my illustrated maps. The latest of these being the dog map for Waddesdon.

Extract from the dog map by Debbie Ryder
Extract from the dog map by Debbie Ryder

Visiting a site before embarking on an illustrated map is always a good opportunity to get an invaluable feel for the project. In Waddesdon’s case, the visit enabled me to appreciate the magnificence of the architecture, gain insight into the sheer scale of the grounds and walks and to formulate in my mind how to compose my map.

It’s not difficult to be inspired by the whole Waddesdon experience and its impressive landscapes and attractions. I hope I’ve managed to capture and convey some of that experience with my Dog map in an aesthetically pleasing way and to help in the exploration of one of the most popular and unique of National Trust properties, all with family, friends and dogs in tow!’

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