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Architectural elements

French 18th-century panelling from distinguished Parisian townhouses. 18th- and 19th-century fireplaces and overdoors with some 20th-century additions.

Bought to create the sumptuous interiors that would house and complement Baron Ferdinand’s collection of 18th-century decorative arts, the sets of carved wall panels (boiseries) are a work of art in themselves.

In some cases, like the Green Boudoir, an entire 18th-century room has been re-created, while in others individual elements are incorporated into 19th-century oak panelling. Removed from elegant Parisian townhouses, the panels span the 18th century and reflect the changing fashions in decoration: from the exuberant rococo mirror frames of the Dining Room, composed of swaying palm fronds, fantastical dragon wings and cresting waves to the simplicity and boldness of the Tower Room in the neo-classical style.

Some sets are carved with representations of the Senses or Seasons while others are populated with monkeys aping human activities and exotic characters from the Far East. Although many of the carvers remain anonymous, the quality of the carving is of the highest quality.