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Architectural elements

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Architectural elements
Bullet de Chamblin, Jean-Baptiste (b.1665, d.c 1726?)Fauquier, Antoine (d.1735)Unknown
Panelling in the Breakfast Room
1725-1730 {from the Hôtel Dodun}1720-1730 {from the Hôtel d'Espréménil}1882-1883 {remainder}
Architectural elements
Fauquier, Antoine (d.1735)Bullet de Chamblin, Jean-Baptiste (b.1665, d.c 1726?)Unknown
Panelling in the East Gallery
c 1725-c 1730 {from hôtel Dodun}c 1720-c 1730 {from hôtel d'Espréménil}1882 {remainder}
Architectural elements
Panelling in the Green Boudoir
1725-1730c 1875 {painting & some panels}'%20wing/smoking%20room/smoking%20room%20-%20mf%20-%202016_a.jpg
Architectural elements
Destailleur, Walter
The Smoking Room
Architectural elements
Roumier, François (active c 1716-c 1748)Unknown
Panelling in the West Hall
1727-1728 {5 panels from Palais-Bourbon}c 1730 {upper half of two-leaf door}c 1890 {remaining panels}
Architectural elements
UnknownBullet de Chamblin, Jean-Baptiste (b.1665, d.c 1726?)Les Ateliers de la Chapelle (estab. 1969)
Panelling in the White Drawing Room
c 1725-c 1730 {narrow panels, overdoors, doors?}c 1730-c 1740 {large panels, 2 mirror frames}c 1993 {remainder}
Architectural elements
UnknownPelletier, Jean-Martin (active c 1720-c 1750)
Panelling in the Morning Room Lobby
c 1725-c 1750 {doors & door panels}1740-1744 {panels from hôtel Jacques-Samuel Bernard}c 1890 {supporting panels & assembly}
Architectural elements
Panelling in the Morning Room
c 1890c 1730-c 1770 {door panels; doorcase sections}
Architectural elements
Panelling in the State Bedroom
c 1740-c 17501800-1900 {modifications & some panels}c 1882-c 1883 {some panels}
Architectural elements
Panelling in the Blue Dining Room
c 1750-c 1760 {panels from hôtel Thiroux de Lailly; mirror frame}c 1995 {remainder}'s%20room/barons_room_mf_04.jpg
Architectural elements
Boullée, Étienne-Louis (b.1728, d.1799)Destailleur, Gabriel-Hippolyte (b.1822, d.1893)Unknown
Panelling in the Baron's Room
c 1770-c 1775 {mirror frame; trophy}1775-1780 {door}1882-1883 {remainder}
Architectural elements
Pineau, Nicolas (b.1684, d.1754)Unknown
Architectural elements and panelling in the Dining Room
c 1731-c 1733 {mirror frames}1720-1730 {double doors}1882-1883 {remainder}