Posted 17 May 2021

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Q&A with Eythrope's Head Gardener

As we re-start tours of Eythrope, the private four-acre walled garden on the Waddesdon estate, we catch up with Head Gardener, Suzie Hanson, for top tips and gardening tricks.

How many gardeners work at Eythrope?
We have five gardeners working at Eythrope. Each has a specialist area that they focus on but we all work together to keep the garden at its best.

What’s your favourite time of year in the gardens at Eythrope?
Can I have two favourite times? The first is autumn, when we start to put the garden to sleep and begin propagating. My second is definitely spring, when the new growth is fresh and everything is green.

Which plants do you recommend to recreate Eythrope’s cottage-garden feel?
The Rose Border is our most cottagey border. I would recommend roses for structure, lavender, trailing verbena, penstemon, salvia and peony.

How do you cope with pests such as slugs?
We aim to be as chemical free as possible. We use organic slug pellets, and for green, white and blackfly we use Savona liquid soap.

Eythrope gardens

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Gardening gives you great job satisfaction because you are always making a difference. For that reason, I really do enjoy everything the job entails.

Which is your favourite area of the garden and why?
The Pear Tunnel. In spring it is really beautiful with blossom on the trained trees and spring bulbs nestled beneath. Come late summer the trees are heavy with ripe fruit, waiting to be picked.

What’s the one tip you would give to any beginner gardeners?
Have confidence. Plants are very forgiving and the best way to learn is to give it a go.

Visits to this private garden are by guided tour only, and run every Wednesday from 26 May to 13 Oct 2021.
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