Wildlife & conservation

Waddesdon is full of wonderful animals and perfect for wildlife spotting. Keep your eyes peeled to spot some of the native creatures and insects as you walk around the grounds.

Mountain sheep on the rocks at the Tulip Patch

Birds and animals have always been a part of Waddesdon, from Baron Ferdinand’s beloved black poodle Poupon, to his collection of exotic birds in the Aviary and even a menagerie of Barbary goats, rare deer and cattle.  All added to create extra interest for his guests.

Today, only birds remain in the Aviary, however Waddesdon is a rich habitat for a wide variety of wild animals, insects and birds.

Our favourite creatures and habitats to spot


Badgers can mate all year round but the cubs are only ever born in February. If you’re really lucky, you can spot baby badgers in April and May.

Pheasants & partridges

Pheasants, partridges and their relatives are a family of birds whose members range in size from the massive domestic turkey to the tiny quail. Watch them dart about before letting off their tell tale squawk.

Grey squirrel

Grey squirrels are active during the day foraging for food in the trees and on the ground. Look out for them searching for fallen beech nuts.