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Waddesdon at War

21 Mar – 28 Oct 2018, Wed-Sun


Free with house and grounds admission
This is a past exhibition

Waddesdon’s Archivist, Catherine Taylor, has traced information relating to 179 men in Waddesdon who served during World War 1.

Waddesdon at War focuses on the end of the First World War in 1918, and the stories of the 179 men who served in the Armed Forces, 46 of whom died, from Waddesdon. This exhibition also looks briefly at the impact of the end of the war on the estate, and what Miss Alice de Rothschild thought about the peace process.

The impact of the war

Records show that, of the 179 men from Waddesdon who served in the Armed Forces, only 59 returned to the workforce in 1919. This exhibition reveals how life at Waddesdon was impacted, as well as showing the ways in which these men are remembered today.