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Chilli Fest

Fri 30 Aug – Sun 1 Sept 2024

Event charge for all, plus Grounds admission

Booking coming soon

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The ultimate chilli experience

Turn up the heat at our annual Chilli festival taking place in the Manor gardens set against the backdrop of the North Front of the Manor. With handpicked exhibitors, all passionate about chilli, the festival guarantees to bring you the best of local artisan producers as well as some of the nation’s best loved independent traders from across the country.

Throughout the weekend you can also enjoy live music, family fun and children’s activities as well as the opportunity to walk around the gardens.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Chilli Fest for longer than ever with our late opening on Saturday. Make the most of the late summer evening and continue the festival fun as dusk falls.

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Applications to trade at the 2024 Chilli Fest are now open.

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