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Exceptional collection of 17th- and 18th-century Savonnerie production; tapestries and seat covers from Gobelins, Beauvais and Brussels workshops; original 19th-century curtains, trimmings and upholstery.

Along with Waddesdon’s furniture and porcelain collections, the textiles reflect the splendour of the French court in the 17th and 18th centuries. Among the stars is the collection of carpets from the royal Savonnerie manufactory whose products were made exclusively for the use of the crown, including three carpets from the spectacular series of 93 commissioned by Louis XIV for the Long Gallery of the Louvre.

Tapestries from the Gobelins and Beauvais manufacturies, designed by Le Brun, Berain and Boucher, hang on the walls and cover seat furniture. There are also Brussels tapestries from the 17th century, some woven with gold thread. Baron Ferdinand used original and re-woven historic textiles – all of which are still in place – to create an appropriate interior for his art collection. The Manor’s 70 pairs of curtains and their luxurious trimmings form an extraordinary study of 19th-century interior decoration. More textiles from Europe, the Middle and Far East are in store.