Posted 6 May 2022

Gardener Q&A

For National Gardening Week 2022 we caught up with Hannah Lucas, one of the Craft Gardeners at Waddesdon.

What’s your favourite part of the gardens at Waddesdon?

At the moment my favourite part of the garden is the Aviary, it’s about to burst into flower creating a sea of purple and white Alliums.

Can you share a hidden gem in the grounds that not many people are aware of?

The Red Lion Steps, just off the side of the Parterre. Later in the season it will be full of hot coloured Dahlias and other perennial plants.

Red Lion Steps

Why do you love gardening?

It’s physical work, based outside amongst the trees which makes me happy. I still get excited when spring arrives as I can see everything starting to grow. Also working with a great team, obviously!

Top gardening tip?

Always stop by the discounted area of the garden centre, where all the plants look a bit sorry for themselves. They just need a bit of love and they’ll be away!


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