Posted 3 December 2022


5 top tips for decorating your Christmas tree

Designer Jane Le Bon helps bring Christmas to Waddesdon each year with festive displays, sparkling trees and sumptuous decorations in the Manor. Read on to discover her 5 top tips for Christmas tree decorating . . .

1. Avoid just hanging the lights on the tips of the branches. Use the depth of the tree, and push lights in to highlight this.

2. Use one base colour bauble as filler that does the hard work in the background.


3. Tell a cohesive story on a tree with your decorations.


4. Attach decorations with florists wire rather than the string often supplied.

Close up of Christmas tree decorations at Waddesdon, showing the use of florist wire rather than string

5. Work in triangles to space and balance decorations effectively.

Christmas tree with sliver, gold and white baubles in the Dining Room at Waddesdon Manor

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