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At Waddesdon we are committed to working in a sustainable way by protecting the environment and reducing pollution and waste wherever we can.

Waste and recycling

We try and recycle as much as possible from machine parts, white goods and light bulbs to milk containers and cardboard.  There are also recycling bins across the site, and all food waste from the kitchens is recycled.

We compost all our bedding plants, grass clippings and prunings.  The items we can’t compost, we burn but then mix the ash into the compost.

We use mainly an organic seaweed fertilizer for our flowerbeds and turf.

To reduce the waste of our takeaway cups, we offer 25p discount for visitors bringing their own reusable cups for all hot drinks.


We  have a Waste2Water system.  It is a self-contained system by which we are able to recycle the water we wash down our machinery with.  In addition we tank and then use grey water and pond over-flow water for garden irrigation.

Most of our irrigation systems are automatic, so come on late at night when it’s coolest this reduces water loss and the timings are adjusted so as not to water excessively.

Leaves are blown into our shrub borders and shelter belts to create a mulch to further reduce water loss. There are some areas, such as the Parterre, from where we do have to take leaves away, and so these leaves are mixed with our compost. Mulching reduces our use of chemicals in the gardens.

Property emissions

We have installed an environmentally-friendly Biomass boiler which heats buildings using wood chippings.  Wood that we cannot chip gets used to make habitat piles for animals including badgers, foxes, hares and insects.

We use electric vehicles where we can, including lawnmowers and gators.

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We are continuously aiming to develop our green initiatives and ensure that our operational managers create a culture of awareness.

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