Paradise and Plenty


The productive garden at Lord Rothschild’s private house, Eythrop Buckinghamshire, is legendary in the gardening world for the excellence of the gardening and for traditional techniques that otherwise might have been lost.

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Under the leadership of the renowned head gardener, Sue Dickinson, this garden works on a scale that is now unique producing, year-round, all the fruit, flowers and vegetables for a country house where entertaining still happens on a grand scale and where everything is done to the highest standard. Paradise and Plenty will open a window on what has, until now, been kept intensely private, a world beyond most gardeners’ dreams. ┬áMany of the techniques used at Eythrop are old and tried, but have fallen out of use almost everywhere else. As the author says, ‘this book has to be how as well as wow.’


304 pages




Pimpernell Press 2015


215 x 275mm