Pantry Box


An ideal gift for the foodie in your life or just the right kind of house warming gift.

Our pantry box has covers all the sweet and savoury needs for your cupboard; our versatile Jam & Curd are delicious on toast or on cakes. The Basil & Chilli is a versatile cooking oil as well as an ideal accompaniment to pizza. Waddesdon Honey is produced from the ground with a flavour all of its own and our Shepherd’s Gold chutney makes even the blandest of cheese sandwiches sing with delight … and who doesn’t need another tea towel…

Collection inspiration

Wildflower clear honey

Chilli and Basil Oil

Waddesdon Sauternes orange marmalade

No.5 Gin and Tonic Curd

Waddesdon Tomato and caramelised onion chutney

Nesta Fitzgerald Tea Towel

In a straw filled gift box

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