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Tremendous Trees

A walking trail

This trail introduces you to some of our remarkable trees, and through them, to the members of the Rothschild family who created and continue to care for Waddesdon.

The common horse chestnut is one of the trees most frequently planted at Waddesdon and in Buckinghamshire generally.

1. Common Horse Chestnut

Native to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, USA, ancient Wellingtonias can live over 3,000 years and can grow to over 90m in height!

2. Giant Sequoia or Wellingtonia

The London plane is one of the most common and recognisable urban and parkland trees in cities worldwide.

3. London Plane

With its distinctive layered shape and foliage, the cedar of Lebanon is a splendid tree.

4. Cedar of Lebanon

In 1926, King George V and Queen Mary visited James and Dorothy de Rothschild, and planted this specimen.

5. Chinese Thuja

Austrian pine is a large, relatively fast-growing tree that was planted in great numbers throughout the gardens.

6. Austrian Pine

Fan Palms can grow to 15m in height and in spring, large flower panicles appear from the leaves and can be up to 1 m long.

7. Fan Palm

Sycamore is the largest species of maple. It is strong-wooded and tolerant of high winds, making it an ideal windbreak.

8. Sycamore

Atlas cedar is similar in appearance to the cedar of Lebanon, but without the grand horizontal branches that give that species its layered silhouette.

9. Atlas Cedar

In its native range in the Caucasus Mountains between the Black and Caspian Seas, it can grow to 40m as a single-trunked tree.

10. Oriental Spruce

Common lime has dark green, rounded leaves with pointed tips. Small cream flowers occur in small clusters emerging from a distinctive light green bract and have a wonderfully rich scent. The flowers can be collected and used to make herbal tea.

11. Common Lime

A mature Common beech is a splendid tree with an imposing presence.

12. Common Beech

Common oak was a key part of Ferdinand’s planting scheme for Waddesdon.

13. Common Oak

Auto chrome of Manor and landscape, 19th C

14. Garden History