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Illuminated manuscripts
Master of Raphael of Mercatellis (active c 1480)Aesop (b.620 BC, d.560 BC)Avianus (active c 0400)
The Life and Fables of Aesop; The Fables of Avianus
c 15001872 {binding}
Acc. No. 3952
Illuminated manuscripts
Book of Hours
14971865-1879 {binding}
Acc. No. 3953
Illuminated manuscripts
Forget, Nicolas (active c 1510)
Book of Hours of Jean Regnart
c 1510c 1880 {binding}
Acc. No. 3955
Illuminated manuscripts
Master of the Fitzwilliam Hours (active c 1420)Waddesdon Master (active c 1435-c 1440)
Book of Hours
c 1420c 1435-c 1445
Acc. No. 3956
Illuminated manuscripts
Master of the Berry Apocalypse (active c 1407-1420)
Miniatures from a Bible
c 1405
Acc. No. 3957
Illuminated manuscripts
Vitalis (active c 1250)
c 1250-c 12601400-1500 {later additions}
Acc. No. 3961
Illuminated manuscripts
Vrelant, Guillaume (d.1481)
Book of Hours
c 1460c 1465-c 1470 {Flemish additions}c 1475 {Latin additions}c 1880 {binding}
Acc. No. 3962
Illuminated manuscripts
Hesius, Maximilian (active c 1609)Croy, Dorothée de (b.1585, d.1662)
Les metamorphoses d'Ovide moralisées en vers Alexandris
1609-1632?1632 {binding}
Acc. No. 3964
Illuminated manuscripts
Pucelle, Jean (b.c 1319, d.1334)
Liturgical Psalter
Acc. No. 3965
Illuminated manuscripts
da Verrazzano, Alessandro (active c 1470s-1490s)Buono, Mariano del (b.c 1433, d.1504)
Book of Hours of Maddalena de'Medici
Acc. No. 3966
Illuminated manuscripts
c 1500?
Acc. No. 3967