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Trade Card of Maurisset, Engraver
c 1790 {nd}
aquatintstrade cardsoverlaid prints
Acc. No. 3686.2.55.145
Trade Card of Antoine Germain Bévalet, Painter
Bévalet, Antoine Germain (b.1779, d.c 1850)
c 1800 {nd}
aquatintstrade cards
Acc. No. 3686.2.57.151
Trade Card of Jean-Baptiste Huet, Painter and Engraver and the Printseller Thomas Charles Naudet
Huet, Jean-Baptiste (b.1745, d.1811)
1778-1784 {nd}
aquatintstrade cards
Acc. No. 3686.3.29.70
Entry Ticket for the First Manned Flight in a Hydrogen Balloon, Made by Jacques-Alexandre-César Charles and Marie-Noël Robert
Moreau the Younger, Jean-Michel (b.1741, d.1814)
1783 {printed date}
etchingsadmission tickets
Acc. No. 3686.3.45.113
Souvenir Print of the Kugel Apothecary
Bein, Jean G (b.1789, d.1857)
1800 {printed date}
aquatintssouvenirsdedications (documents)
Acc. No. 3686.4.47.81
Silhouette Print of a Family at Leisure
Vigitill, I S (active c 1770-1790?)
1770-1790 {nd}
Acc. No. 3686.4.49.84
Print of the Royal Allemand Cavalry Regiment at the Tuileries
Le Campion (family) (estab. 1769, closed 1792)
1789 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.7.4
Print of the Taking of Arms from the Invalides
Le Campion (family) (estab. 1769, closed 1792)
1789 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.7.5
Print of the Storming of the Bastille by the Parisian National Guards and the Bourgeois of Paris
1789? {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.8.7
Print Titled 'Heirs of the Constitution'
April 1792 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.17.22
Print Titled 'There It is in Body and Soul'
June 1792 {printed date}
Acc. No. 4222.18.23
Print of the Royal Family as Animals Being Taken to the Temple with a Portrait of the Deputy of Carhaix on the Verso from "Collection générale des portraits" published by Le Vachez
UnknownSergent, Antoine (active 1765-1789)
1792 {printed date, recto}1789 {printed date, verso}
aquatintsproofs before letters
Acc. No. 4222.21.26