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Illuminated manuscripts
Master of the Prayer Books of Around 1500 (active c 1500)
Statutes and Armorial of the Order of the Golden Fleece
1481-1491 {with additions up to 1556}
Acc. No. 802
Drawings and watercolours
Cochin fils, Charles-Nicolas (b.1715, d.1790)
Prince Louis de Rohan-Guémenée
Acc. No. 1016
Drawings and watercolours
Saint-Aubin, Augustin de (b.1736, d.1807)Greuze, Jean-Baptiste (b.1725, d.1805)
Louis de Silvestre
c 1780
Acc. No. 1081
Drawings and watercolours
Arrivet, J (active 1766-1779)La Rue, Louis-Felix de (b.1730, d.1777)
Design for a frame celebrating the coronation of Louis XVI
c 1775
Acc. No. 1119
Drawings and watercolours
Delafosse, Jean-Charles (b.1734, d.1789)
Design for culs-de-lampe
c 1773-c 1775
Acc. No. 1214
Drawings and watercolours
Delafosse, Jean-Charles (b.1734, d.1789)
Design for an overmantel mirror
c 1760-c 1770
Acc. No. 1234
Drawings and watercolours
Meissonnier, Juste-Aurèle (b.1693, d.1750)Tocqué, Louis (b.1696, d.1772)
Jean-Victor, baron de Besenval
c 1736
Acc. No. 1360
Drawings and watercolours
Valentin, François (b.1738, d.1805)
Design for an allegory celebrating Louis XVI
c 1780-c 1785
Acc. No. 1509
Drawings and watercolours
Oppenord, Gilles-Marie (b.1672, d.1742)
Design for a garden fountain
c 1730-c 1750
Acc. No. 1865
Drawings and watercolours
Salambier, Henri (b.1753, d.1820)
Design for the door or rear panel of a carriage
c 1780
Acc. No. 1887
Drawings and watercolours
Poussin, Nicolas (b.1594, d.1665)
Sheet of miscellaneous ornament
c 1600-c 1650?
Acc. No. 1972
Drawings and watercolours
Boquet, Louis-René (b.1717, d.1814)
Costume design for Monsieur Vestris
Mid 1760sEarly 1770s
Acc. No. 1984