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Trade Card of Jean Magoulet, Embroiderer-in-Ordinary
c 1690 {nd}1731 {text}
etchingstrade cards
Acc. No. 3686.1.6.8
Trade Card of Jollivet, Stationer-in-Ordinary, A l'Image de Notre-Dame
c 1710 {nd}
etchingstrade cards
Acc. No. 3686.1.33.58
Book Illustration with a Commercial Interior
Picart, Bernard (b.1673, d.1733)
1704 {printed date}
Acc. No. 3686.1.37.69
Trade Card and Frontispiece of Jean de Soudier de Richesource, L'Academie des Philosophes Orateurs, A La Renommée and probable Frontispiece for "Deuxième Décade des Conférences Philosophiques Oratoires"
Le Clerc, Sébastien (b.1637, d.1714)
1680 {printed date}
etchingstrade cardsfrontispieces (illustrations)
Acc. No. 3686.1.43.82
Print, possibly a Trade Card of Jean Mariette, Engraver and Print Publisher, Aux Colonnes d'Hercule
c 1690 {nd}
etchingstrade cards
Acc. No. 3686.1.44.85
Trade card of Rossignol, Calligrapher and Writing Instructor
1710-1730 {nd}
etchingstrade cards
Acc. No. 3686.1.50.95
Trade Card of Bertrand, Delpech and Company, Silk Merchants, Au Duc de Valois
Voysard, Etienne (b.1746, d.1812)
Attributed to
c 1788 {nd}
etchingstrade cards
Acc. No. 3686.1.72.137
Illustration of a Dressmaker's Shop from the "Encyclopédie"
Bénard, Robert (b.1734)
1777 {nd}
etchingsfigures (illustrations)
Acc. No. 3686.1.72.138
Vignette-Frontispiece to Sale Catalogue of Heineiken Collection "Catalogue raisonné de Tableux, Dessins et Estampes des meilleurs maîtres", Paris, 1757
Saint-Aubin, Augustin de (b.1736, d.1807)
1757 {printed date}
etchingsfrontispieces (illustrations)
Acc. No. 3686.1.89.180
Trade Card of Motet, Fencing Master, Académie Pour Les Armes
Le Mire, Noël (b.1724, d.1801)
1750-1770 {nd}
etchingstrade cards
Acc. No. 3686.1.100.205
Trade Card or Print of Marie Claude Violet, probably a Writing Instructor
1776 {printed date}
etchingstrade cardsfigures (illustrations)
Acc. No. 3686.1.106.221
Instructions for Writing Correctly
c 1740 {nd}
etchingsinstructionsfigures (illustrations)overlaid prints
Acc. No. 3686.2.17.39