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'Ballet of the Muses', Allegorical Print of the Menus-Plaisirs of the King's Household
Palmeus, De (active c 1740-1760?)
1740-1760 {nd}
etchingsdedications (documents)overlaid prints
Acc. No. 3686.2.33.83
Trade Card of Maurisset, Engraver
c 1790 {nd}
aquatintstrade cardsoverlaid prints
Acc. No. 3686.2.55.145
Title-page or Satirical Book-plate
Grimm, Samuel Hieronymus (b.1733, d.1794)
1740-1760 {nd}
etchingstitle pagesbookplates
Acc. No. 3686.4.12.19
New Year's Letter of the Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Guild of Augsburg
Habermann, Franz Xavier (b.1721, d.1796)
1832 {printed date}1770-1800 {nd}
engravingsNew Year cardsbusiness lettersadvertisements
Acc. No. 3686.4.36.61
Print of the Royal Allemand Cavalry Regiment at the Tuileries
Le Campion (family) (estab. 1769, closed 1792)
1789 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.7.4
Print of the Storming of the Bastille by the Parisian National Guards and the Bourgeois of Paris
1789? {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.8.7
Print Titled 'Heirs of the Constitution'
April 1792 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.17.22
Print of the Royal Family as Animals Being Taken to the Temple with a Portrait of the Deputy of Carhaix on the Verso from "Collection générale des portraits" published by Le Vachez
UnknownSergent, Antoine (active 1765-1789)
1792 {printed date, recto}1789 {printed date, verso}
aquatintsproofs before letters
Acc. No. 4222.21.26
Print of Louis XVI and a Sans-Culottes Playing Cards
Villeneuve (active 1789-1814)
Attributed to
1791-1792 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.21.27
Print Titled 'Costumes of the Representatives of the French People and Public Functionaries'
1795-1799 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.27.34
Print of a Trompe l'Oeil Collection of Assignats
Bonneville, François (active 1792-1794)
1792-1799 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.32.41
Print of a Portrait of Bourgouin in Profile with an Image of Him Bathing in the Seine
1789-1793 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.35.44