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New Year's Letter of the Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Guild of Augsburg
Habermann, Franz Xavier (b.1721, d.1796)
1832 {printed date}1770-1800 {nd}
engravingsNew Year cardsbusiness lettersadvertisements
Acc. No. 3686.4.36.61
Certificate for the First Division of the Seventh Batallion of the Parisian National Guard
1789 {manuscript date}February 1792 {manuscript date}
Acc. No. 4222.35.45
Certificate of Service for a Member of the Seventeenth Infantry Regiment, Tursac's Company
1792 {manuscript date}
Acc. No. 4222.36.47
Certificate for the Lyon National Guard
Boutant (active c 1792)
1792 {manuscript date}
etchingsrelief printscertificates
Acc. No. 4222.37.49
Military Certificate of Service from the Committee of Public Assistance
1794-1795 {manuscript date}
Acc. No. 4222.38.50
Certificate for Military Leave from the 197th Demi-Brigade
Beugnet, Jean (d.1803)
1796 {manuscript date}
woodcutsrelief printscertificates
Acc. No. 4222.38.51
Military Certificate for Definitive Leave
Vernet, Carle (b.1758, d.1836)
1795 {printed date, Year III}
Acc. No. 4222.39.52
Elector's Membership or Admission Card for the National Convention
1792 {printed date}
etchingsmembership cardsadmission tickets
Acc. No. 4232.2.65.136
Print or Fan Decoration Titled 'XVI Equals XII plus IV'
1789 {nd}
fans (costume accessories)aquatints
Acc. No. 4232.3.2.1
Two Suliote soldiers by the sea
Delacroix, Eugène (b.1798, d.1863)
c 1826
watercolourscomposition drawings
Cat. No. 74
Acc. No. 960.1995