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Illuminated manuscripts
Master of the Prayer Books of Around 1500 (active c 1500)
Statutes and Armorial of the Order of the Golden Fleece
1481-1491 {with additions up to 1556}
Acc. No. 802
Illuminated manuscripts
La Vigne, André de (b.c 1470, d.c 1526)Master of the Chronique scandaleuse (active c 1493-1510)
The Coronation of Anne of Brittany
c 1504c 1590 {binding}
Acc. No. 917
Illuminated manuscripts
Courcy, Jean de (b.1340, d.c 1428)
Chronique de la Bouquechardière
c 1465c 1700 {binding}
Acc. No. 2957
Illuminated manuscripts
Bening, Simon (b.c 1483, d.1561)
Book of Hours
c 1525
Acc. No. 3018
Illuminated manuscripts
Pizan, Christine de (b.1364, d.c 1430)Miélot, Jean (d.1472)
Epitre d'Othéa; Les Sept Sacrements de l'Eglise
c 1455 {manuscript}c 1490 {miniatures}
Acc. No. 2958
Illuminated manuscripts
Bourdichon, Jean (b.c 1457, d.1521)
Book of Hours
c 1515-c 1520
Acc. No. 3020
Illuminated manuscripts
Pichore, Jean (active c 1501-c 1520)
Book of Hours
c 1510c 1760 {binding}
Acc. No. 3021
Illuminated manuscripts
Master of the Geneva Latini (active c 1475)
Book of Hours
c 14801848-1879 {binding}
Acc. No. 3022
Illuminated manuscripts
Master of the Privileges of Ghent and Flanders (active c 1440-1460)
Miniatures from a Book of Hours
c 1440-c 1445
Acc. No. 3748
Illuminated manuscripts
Trubert, Georges (active 1467-1499)Pichore, Jean (active c 1501-c 1520)Meister der Apokalypsenrose (active c 1480-c 1510)
Book of Hours
c 1470s?c 1490-c 1500c 1510? {binding}
Acc. No. 3831
Illuminated manuscripts
Master of the Cité des dames (active c 1400-1415)Master of the Guise Hours (active c 1410-1440)Master of the Harvard Hannibal (active c 1410-1430)
Book of Hours of Guillebert de Lannoy
c 1425c 1750 {binding}
Acc. No. 3919
Illuminated manuscripts
Book of Hours
c 14901874-1885 {binding}
Acc. No. 3951