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Accession no
Print of the King's Bodyguard and the Flanders Regiment Trampling the National Cockade Underfoot
1789 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.10.11
Print of the Royal Family Escorted Back to Paris After the Flight to Varennes
1791 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.17.21
Desrais, Claude-Louis (b.1746, d.1816)
Print of the Conquests of the French Republic Surrounding an Image of Louis XVI on Trial
1792 {printed date}
Acc. No. 4222.20.25
UnknownSergent, Antoine (active 1765-1789)
Print of the Royal Family as Animals Being Taken to the Temple with a Portrait of the Deputy of Carhaix on the Verso from "Collection générale des portraits" published by Le Vachez
1792 {printed date, recto}1789 {printed date, verso}
Acc. No. 4222.21.26
Poster with a Text by Marat Outlining the Qualities of Deputies
1792 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.23.29
Cruikshank, Isaac (active 1764-1811)
Print Titled 'Pandora's Box'
1791 {nd}
Acc. No. 4222.47.61
Cruikshank, Isaac (active 1764-1811)
Print Titled 'The Toilette of the Nymphs of Versailles'
1792 {printed date}
Acc. No. 4222.47.62
Cruikshank, Isaac (active 1764-1811)
Print Titled 'The Agreable Pastime of the Inhabitants in the Temple Tower'
1795 {printed date}
Acc. No. 4222.48.63
Print of Marie-Antoinette from a Series of Illustrations of French Dress
1775-1780 {nd}
Acc. No. 4232.1.4.2
Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette Arriving at a Church, Possibly Notre Dame
1775-1780 {nd}
Acc. No. 4232.1.5.4
Neviance, Victoire
Print of Marie-Antoinette as Dauphine of France
1770-1774 {nd}
Acc. No. 4232.1.6.5
Circular Print with a Bust Portrait of Marie-Antoinette
1815-1840 {nd}
Acc. No. 4232.1.6.6