Sacred Stitches


This catalogue for our 2014 Sacred Stitches exhibition includes lavish colour photographs of the textiles displayed, with comparative images from the collection at Waddesdon and museums in France, the United Kingdom and the USA. The exhibition was curated by Rachel Boak.


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In the introductory essay of the catalogue, the history of the use of textiles in church interiors and as vestments is explored, with summaries of the interests of the members of the Rothschild family who acquired the spectacular woven and embroidered textiles now in the collection at Waddesdon. The different types of objects in the 2014 exhibition are discussed in detail in chapters on altar frontals, banners, cushions, hangings and pictures, furniture, fragments and accessories, and image robes.




80 Pages


The Rothschild Foundation 2013


240 x 195mm