Christmas Case Rothschild Champagne

Christmas Luxury Case

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Why not indulge in our luxury case this Christmas? Before the day gets off to a great start with a glass of the wonderfully rich and nutty Rothschild Champagne, be sure to carefully decant the Fonseca Crusted port. After tasting the complex, elegant and creamy Baroness Nadine, you can start to think which one of the red wines you will tackle first. Will it be the spicy soft Chateau d’Aussieres from the south of France, or will it be the earthy, cedar-infused Les Granges 2006? Whichever you choose first, make sure Coleccion Carignan is left until last – this richly concentrated old vine Carignan possesses astonishing intensity with waves and waves of inky dark fruit and mocha notes. After such an incredible flight of wines there’s only one thing for it….Crusted Port! By then, and after a good few hours in a decanter, the Fonseca Crusted port will have woken from its slumber to boast layers of rich black fruits, eucalyptus, fruit cake, and sweet spice.

Tasting notes

Our Luxury case contains one bottle of each of the below;

Rothschild Champagne

Fonseca Crusted port

Baroness Nadine

Chateau d’Aussieres

Les Granges 2006

Coleccion Carignan

For further details of the wines follow the link


12% to 20%

Bottle size

75cl x 6


France, Chile, Portugal, South Africa

Exclusive to Waddesdon


Decant from

decant the red wines for thirty minutes