Borrago #47 Paloma Blend


Borrago is an exciting new non-alcoholic spirit that truly sets the standard for interesting non-alcoholic beverages. Over the last year or so we have witnessed a few examples of this style of spirit to hit the supermarket shelves, but not one of them compares to Borrago with its remarkable depth of flavour and complexity – you really don’t miss the alcohol!

Tasting notes

With no calories, no alcohol and no sugar you would be forgiven for expecting a bland non-descript drink. But thankfully you’d be very wrong indeed. Somehow, magic we suspect, Borrago delivers layers of spice, citrus and smoky peppery notes. You can enjoy this interesting drink without guilt and wake up the next day feeling fresh and without a fuzzy head. One small piece of advice, pour sparingly – 20cl for a glass is adequate such is the intensity of flavour. Bravo to the team at Borrago!



Food match

Serve as an aperitif

Made in the UK