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Commemorative trees

A walking trail

Waddesdon’s colourful and leafy gardens are filled with many different types of trees. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but some of them reveal interesting aspects of Waddesdon’s history. Over the past century they were planted by important visitors or to commemorate special occasions, a tradition we carry on today.

1. HRH The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall

Tree planted by George V

2. King George V

Atlas Cedar planted by Queen Elizabeth II

3. Queen Elizabeth II

Atlas Cedar planted by the Princess of Wales

4. HRH The Princess of Wales

Tulip tree planted by HRH Prince of Wales

5. HRH The Prince of Wales

Maidenhair tree planted by Tony Blair

6. Prime Minister Tony Blair

Silver Birch planted by Dorothy de Rothschild

7. Dorothy de Rothschild

Silver Birch planted by Ralph Saunders

8. Ralph Saunders

Blue Atlas Cedar planted by Edward VII

9. King Edward VII

Silver Birch planted by 1st Waddesdon Scout Groupp

10. 1st Waddesdon Scout Group

Hornbeam planted by David Hockney

11. David Hockney

Tree planted by Colonel Waller

12. Colonel Waller

Golden Norway Maple planted by Boris Johnson

13. Boris Johnson

Raywood Ash planted by Bill Clinton

14. Bill Clinton