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Bee on a flower by Yukta Chegu
Posted 1 May 2019


Wild Shots Youth Photography Competition

Between January and April we ran an inaugural photography competition, inspiring our younger visitors to take a closer look at nature.

The aim of the competition was to encourage visitors between 10-15 years old to submit up to 5 photos inspired by the grounds at Waddesdon, from wildlife to woodlands.

We were overwhelmed with the quality of entries we received and enjoyed looking at different aspects of Waddesdon’s natural environment we hadn’t seen before. Here are just some of them.

Spring flowers by Ben Jarrett
‘A sign of the season’ by Ben Jarett, aged 13
A Black and White Laughingthrush by Bobby Barker
A Black and White Laughingthrush by Bobby Barker, age 14
Daisies by Dominic Gent
Daisies by Dominic Gent, age 13

Lillie Spibey, Director of Sharp Shots Photo Club judged the entries and we are delighted to announce the winner is Yukta Chegu, aged 15. Lillie commended Yukta’s photo of a bee as ‘a wonderful shot, portraying camera knowledge, patience and great composition’.

Well done Yukta!

Bee on a flower by Yukta Chegu
The winning photograph of a bee by Yukta Chegu

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