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Snowdrops at Tulip Patch at Waddesdon
Posted 10 January 2020


Where to spot snowdrops in the gardens

Snowdrops (Galanthus) are a welcome hint that spring is round the corner.

A symbol of hope in British folklore, swathes of these delicate white jewels will light up any winter walk. Translating as ‘milk flower’, these little flowers start to appear en masse from late January, creating a distinctive white blanket across the grounds. Here are our top spots to see them at Waddesdon…

Snowdrops at Waddesdon

1) Daffodil Valley

As you walk from the Manor towards the Aviary, spot snowdrops popping up at the top of Daffodil Valley and covering the bank on the other side. For an unmissable photo opportunity we recommend capturing the Manor in the background.

2) Between the Aviary, the Rose Garden and Tay Bridge

Following the planting of an additional 83,000 bulbs in 2019 in memory of the late Lady Rothschild, see a swathe of brilliant white snowdrops planted below the lime trees. Just past the Rose Garden and lining the path are the stark white stems of the Tibetan bramble with double flowering snowdrops below. Continue on this route deeper into the Winter Garden and you will see the silky, flaking bark of the Tibetan cherry tree competing for attention with the Chinese paperbark maple that provides a striking contrast with the black leaves of the mondo grass that covers the bare soil.

Snowdrops on Baron's Walk at Waddesdon

3) Baron’s Walk

Along this secluded wooded walk, single and double flowering snowdrops are prolific and are spreading every year. Snowdrops often grow alongside primroses and with the recent mild conditions, both can be seen flowering beneath the shade of majestic trees. Stop and take a moment to enjoy these delicate white flowers, sometimes called ‘fair maids of February’.

Snowdrops at Tulip Patch at Waddesdon

4) Tulip Patch

Below the Stables find clusters of snowdrops that light up this area of the gardens. Take a seat on a bench and soak up the beauty of these delicate jewels that pepper the countryside.

5) Eythrope

On Waddesdon’s wider estate for the first time ever, there is an opportunity to see this private parkland with a white blanket of snowdrops every Wednesday in February. The woodland garden at Eythrope was developed from informal pleasure grounds adjoining the artificial lake, and snowdrops and winter flowering shrubs have been added more recently to create year-round colour. Find 70 different varieties of these delicate spring bulbs opposite the entrance to the Walled Garden, as well as impressive drifts beneath the canopies of trees in the parkland.

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Aerial view of Eythrope estate

Snowdrops are the highlight of winter landscapes, so wrap up warm and remind yourself that spring is round the corner by enjoying a walk in the spectacular setting of Waddesdon.

The grounds re-open on Sat 1 February 2020.