Posted 20 March 2018

Behind the scenes

The Perfect Proposal

Have you ever fantasised about getting engaged in a setting as romantic as Waddesdon Manor? Hollie Barr, one of our in-house wedding co-ordinators, shares the behind the scenes details from one such proposal that took place by candle light on the Parterre...

We love every aspect of weddings, from meeting our newly engaged couples for the first time, to seeing the bride on the big day, kitted out in her ‘bride’ dressing gown, anxiously sipping on a glass of bucks fizz. However, despite our intimate role in the wedding-planning process, we often feel like we miss out on a crucial stage.

‘So, how did they ask?’

This is the first thing we ask a newly engaged couple, and from the look in their eyes you can see it’s their favourite story to tell, however many times they end up having to do it! So, when we were asked to play a part in this big moment, we couldn’t help but get incredibly excited.

North front of house at dusk

This particular engagement saw us working with The Proposers, a company that specialises in romantic, one-of-a-kind proposals, and is owned by the lovely Daisy, who once upon a time was a Waddesdon Bride herself. Our job was to create the perfect setting, and our team put in a huge amount of effort to ensure that Waddesdon was looking its very best.

The couple arrived in the early evening, and we watched as the bride-to-be (Ella) wandered slowly down the drive with her partner, completely oblivious to the fact that we were hiding in bushes, waiting for the cameras to whir into action and capture the incredible moment that was about to unfold: the candles were lit, the lights were on, and I could barely contain my excitement!

The romantic scene set up on the Parterre

As the couple turned the corner they got their first glimpse of the magical scene ahead (I’m guessing by this point Ella may have had an idea of what was coming next), and as they walked along the candlelit trail leading up to the manor, a cartoon animation of their journey together was projected onto the house, that ended by inviting Ella to turn around…

The happy couple watching the animation

… to see ‘Ella Marry Me’ written in flames behind the Parterre. With the romantic sound of a violin playing in the background, we couldn’t quite hear the ‘yes’ that escaped her lips, but the crying and smiling were enough to show us that everything had gone to plan.

It was time for us to come out of hiding, and The Proposers emerged from the greenery equipped with two glasses of champagne, and three of the couple’s closest friends. We so enjoyed playing a part in such a special occasion, and were thrilled that we were able to pull off what was, in our opinion, the perfect proposal at Waddesdon.

By Hollie Barr, Wedding Co-ordinator

Special thanks to The Proposers team for always helping us host the most amazing proposals. Watch the full proposal here.