Posted 25 August 2017

Behind the scenes

Gettin' giffy with it

Our marketing team have been learning how to be cool!

You might have noticed that we have been jazzing things up on social media recently. We invited in Adam Koszary, gif-maker and social media extraordinaire to show us how to make gifs from images of our collection objects. Originally hailing from the Bodleian, we thought it was worth learning from the best!

Who painted this doggy and what’s he doing?

It’s been super fun so far as it’s allowing us to look at our collection in a new way.  By bringing 2D works of art to life we can inject a bit of fun into unusual pieces. Our main goal is to share information about Waddesdon and our collection, but we want to communicate on the internet’s terms; this means being human and a bit silly at times! Gifs can also add value to our objects as they allow us to tell stories, fun facts or the intention of an image.

Who is this large-bellied moustachioed man straddling a barrel?

If you don’t know what a gif is, think of the moving portraits in Harry Potter – a gif is basically a moving image or animation, without any sound.

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Check out what we’ve created so far and click through to visit the collection database and discover more about these fascinating objects.

What on earth are Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI doing? 

Do you have any ideas for some gifs that we can create? Let us know!

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