Due to a private event, if you are visiting Waddesdon between 17-24 Aug, there will be some disruption in the gardens on the North & South Fronts, Parterre & Aviary. Ticket holders will be contacted directly.

Posted 30 September 2021

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5 ways to enjoy autumn at Waddesdon

As we welcome autumn changes from vibrant landscapes to dramatic sunsets, we've picked out 5 ways to enjoy the beauty of this season at Waddesdon.

Autumn is a season of beautiful change and from September to early November it is a great time to explore the gardens as they transition to hues of scarlet, gold and orange.

Here are some autumn gems to spot as the season unfolds around the gardens.

1. Autumn reflections

Fountain on Parterre at Waddesdon

Double the sculpture, double the trees, double the beauty. As you breath in the crisp autumn air on a walk, see sculptures in the gardens before they are ‘put to bed’ for the winter. Venture towards our Parterre fountain, and see how the autumnal colours shimmer in its reflection. You might even be able to capture a reflection of the Manor in a puddle.

Discover sculpture around the grounds with our online trail

Read more about why we cover our sculptures in the winter 

2. Tree-mendous trees

Autumn trees

The grounds are full of special trees which come into spectacular colour at this time of year. Some of the best trees for autumn colour include our Horse Chestnuts, London Plane, Sycamore and Japanese maple. Soak up the fiery reds, oranges and yellows as you enjoy a walk to find the most picturesque trees to capture.

To help find your way and to discover more about our remarkable trees, take a look at our tree trail.

Tremendous trees online trail

3. Fabulous fungi

Fungi in woodland

As the temperature cools, head into the woodland around the grounds and look out for the weird and wonderful fungi that nature produces. Spot them on the ground, hiding under fallen leaves or on tree trunks. What unusual shapes and sizes can you find?

We recommend Baron’s Walk that’ll take you through woodland to catch sight of toadstools aplenty.

Baron’s walk online

4. Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

A bountiful array of warm colours spread across the garden as the landscape is injected with shades of red, gold, brown and orange. Whether they’re still on the tree or fallen to the ground, admire the shape, colour and beauty of autumn leaves.

5. Nature’s fireworks

Autumn trees

In anticipation of Bonfire Night look to the gardens for nature’s fireworks as shrubs and trees burst into colour. ⁠Did you know the reason why we don’t have real fireworks at Waddesdon is to protect our feathered friends in the Aviary?

Read more about the birds in the Aviary

Why not capture the things that make this season so special and share your snaps on social media using #MyWaddesdon and tagging us in @WaddesdonManor.