The House and Grounds are now closed while we decorate for Christmas. The East Wing, Bachelors' Wing and grounds reopen decorated for Christmas from Sat 16 November until Sun 5 January 2020.

View of half-moon path with garden benches

Your visit


Our landscaped grounds are lined with beautiful blooms, tall trees and elegant sculptures and fountains. With walks to go on and places to play and admire the view. Come and explore them through the seasons.

Filming in the House and Grounds: Sun 17, Wed 20 & Fri 29 November

We have a film crew in the house and grounds on 17, 20 & 29 November. If you are visiting on these days and do not wish to be captured in the background, please inform the camera operator. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Seasonal show

See how the colours change in the gardens all year round in our image gallery. Our amazing gardeners and volunteers are always busy planting and caring for the beautiful beds and tree-lined paths.