There is limited availability for remaining Christmas weekends, ALL visitors will need to book Grounds tickets in advance for weekends. This includes
National Trust members - who can book for free online.
Due to wet weather, some parking areas are too muddy to use and it is taking
longer to enter the site than usual so we are limiting the number of cars.
Whenever you come this Christmas, please wear suitable sturdy and waterproof footwear as there are some unavoidably muddy areas.


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Gold box theft

At about 2am on Tuesday 10 June 2003, Waddesdon Manor, experienced a break in and theft.

Over 100 gold boxes and other precious items, mainly 18th century French with some English were stolen. All of the items are unique and immediately identifiable.

We are offering a reward of up to £50,000 (subject to specific conditions) for the safe recovery of these objects and for information that will lead to the arrest of the people concerned.

If you do have any information that could assist us in locating these objects, please contact Detective  Inspector Rachel Turner on

07971 412465 or email [email protected] quoting ref: AL/8600192/03 or John Firminger of Cunningham Lindsay on 020 7816 1800 or email [email protected] quoting reference 1811737.

If you require any further information please contact Fabia Bromovsky at Waddesdon on 01296 653200 or email [email protected]

List of gold boxes that were stolen PDF